We Adhere to the CDC Protocols for Covid-19 Safety

Because we offer a personal service that requires close contact with a client we have taken exacting measures to ensure your safety and ours. The following rules are required for all clients and we appreciate your cooperation.

  • All client temperature is taken upon entry and if you exhibit any signs of Covid-19 we reserve the right to refuse service.
  • Masks are required during your entire visit and must be worn correctly at all times (Tips on Wearing a Mask).
  • Masks are only removed for facial services (Please no exceptions).
  • We use alcohol as a disinfectant on hands and disposable paper towels as a wipe.
  • All services are by appointment only so that there is not more than one client at a time in the waiting area.
  • We do a thorough cleaning procedure to ensure your safety after each client’s visit.

This is an extraordinary situation we all find ourselves in and we can make the best of it by ensuring each others safety.